Friday 1 April 2016

Charity Miles and Charity Photos

I blogged a little while ago about Charity Miles. It is such a simple and brilliant idea. So far this year, just by walking the dog, going for a run in the morning, and longer walks at weekends and during the Easter break, I have raised $77.96 for Charity Water.

I have also told many other people about it, some of whom were similarly enthused (at least to my face) so I hope that they too are taking money from the likes of Johnson and Johnson, and giving it to worthwhile good causes.

But more recently, I have started using the Donate a Photo app. That one is even simpler: you upload a photo, and they (Johnson and Johnson) give a dollar to a charity. What's the catch? You can only donate one photo a day. So that means that if you do it all year, you have transferred $365 from J&J to a charity of your choosing (from quite a good list of choices.)  I am giving to Operation Smile, which provides free surgery for children with cleft lips.

So if you have a smartphone, download the apps, and help redistribute wealth from large corporations to charities doing some real good in the world!

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