Wednesday 26 September 2012

Action Learning Conference

I went to the one day conference on Action Learning hosted by Lancaster University Business School yesterday.

The morning was a useful overview and reminder of the basics, the back ground and the application - including some fascinating videos of Reg Revan discussing the thinking behind Action Learning.

In the afternoon, we had a brief experiential session as Action Learning Sets, and a couple of Workshop sessions.  These were all stimulating and enjoyable, and brought back to my conscious awareness how much of my work incorporates these principles, both using Action Learning sets as a part of leadership development programmes, and also in my coaching work.  I particularly enjoyed the Advanced Skills session which encouraged a very self-aware approach to personal development as AL Facilitators.

As so often, much of the richness came from the discussions with, and contributions of, other delegates on the programme: there was a rich mix of academics, practitioners and business people, which made for very good conversation.  All in all, an excellent and most enjoyable day.