Friday 8 April 2016

Training in the Hogan Tools

I have blogged before about the Hogan psychometric tools. Here is my first post on the subject, explaining my interest, and I reflect on my own learning from the legendary Dark Side questionnaire here.

As a result of this, along with recommendations from clients and coaches whom I respect, I have decided to organise a training and certification programme locally in the North West. I have already found a number of colleagues who wish to do this, so the course is booked. The group looks to be an exciting and dynamic one. I will spare their blushes, by not naming them and citing their many qualities... However, we have spaces for a few more, if anyone else is interested.

The Course will be run by PCL at Lowther Castle (in a room with a roof on!) which is just south of Penrith, on 12/13 July 2016, and the cost will be about £1400 (+VAT). The final figure will depend on the number of people attending, as we are sharing the costs of the venue and the trainer's expenses amongst us.

That is significantly less than the price of PCL's public certification programmes, and other benefits include 2 days in the Lake District, rather than having to travel and stay down South, and working with a small cohort of great local people, who can provide a continuing discussion and learning group afterwards.

For full details of the tools, see here

If you are interested, or know anybody who might be, please get in touch!

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