Tuesday 29 March 2016

That Book

The book is practically finished: ie it is now proof-read, and indexed. We are just awaiting the final graphics.

The cover may (will not - see Update below)  be based on either of these:

The publication date is 28th October of this year, and the publisher is Matador. The isbn will be 9781785893551, though I don't think that will do much for you yet... Fear not, I will be reminding everyone as soon as the book is actually available.

To help you while away the idle hours until you can get your hands on a copy, here is a link to the radio interview I did about the book with Karen Ainley, as part of the recent media training we were running together, about which I blogged here.

You may also choose to attend this years University Forum for Human Resource Development Conference at which I will be speaking about the ideas in the book on 8 June (15.40 in the Coaching stream).


The cover has been revealed (to me) and is much better than these early ideas! But I think I'll keep it under wraps for a little longer...)

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