Friday 4 March 2016

Graphic Reporting

This week we ran another of our series of workshops thinking creatively about developing the Strategy at Cardiff University. This was focussed on the Learning and Teaching agenda, and was a very successful event. The element I want to focus on was the work of Eleanor Beer, who was there as our graphic reporter.

I've only once before worked with a graphic reporters like this, and I was struck by how powerful and valuable this is. Eleanor managed to summarise both the plenary sessions and the output from eleven syndicate groups in one large, colourful and clear poster.

This will both accompany the more formal report summarising the proceedings, and also be available as a stand-alone reminder for those who attended the event.

All of which made me wonder why I didn't do it more often. And the truth is that I was a little disappointed the first time.  The work produced then was less graphic and more heavily reliant on words; it also seemed, somehow, less additive. That is harder to analyse, but it felt as though the reporter was just catching the headlines, where Eleanor was capturing the spirit as well.

So I am re-enthused about the approach; but would also recommend selecting your graphic artist with real care, to ensure that you get the quality of output you want, rather than something that leaves you feeling disappointed.

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