Friday 25 June 2010

And Another...

The final day of HASS Faculty Futures at Newcastle yesterday.

A very interesting day, with Peter Reynolds taking us through some exercises using his expertise in drama, helping us to explore the different roles we play and how to be effective in them - particularly speaking persuasively: Once more unto the breach and all that.

In the afternoon, participants found creative ways to reflect on, communicate and celebrate their learning.  As so often, they exceeded my expectations, with a TV chat show, some expressive origami made into a story, some free writing morphing into art, and some interesting narrative artworks.

In the evening we had a celebratory dinner, with some of their managers, mentors, and other guests.  Liz Kemp and Gigi Herbert of the Staff Development Unit were rightly recognised for making the programme such a success - as too were Charles Harvey and Gerry Docherty, the senior academic sponsors and animators of the programme.

The participants seem to have had a really good year; fun and challenging, and full of learning and laughter,  and I am sure will stay in touch with each other beyond the programme; and the learning - and the fun - will continue.

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