Saturday 19 June 2010

Another Ending

It's that time of year: year-long programmes coming to an end.

Yesterday we had the final day for the Essex Futures Programme.  Participants were given some time to reflect in pairs or threes on the journey they've been on - and the one ahead.

Then we challenged them to work in teams to develop creative ways to express this, and as ever, the teams surpassed our expectation.

One team developed a University Challenged quiz, with the VC Colin Riordan, co-opted into the role of question master, and handed the questions to ask.  His respondents were all glove puppets.  It was well-scripted/improvised and very funny - and towards the end even addressed the question of what people had learned.

Another team presented the filming of an advertisement for Essex Futures, with people being rudely interrupted by the Director, asked to repeat things with more passion or sincerity, and so on.  Again, very funny and got some good learning points across.

The third team made an investigative documentary examining this waste of public money, with a wonderfully prejudiced reporter putting loaded questions to his interviewees and summarising outrageously what he wished they'd said.  Once more, laughter and learning went hand-in-hand.

Throughout the day, we had a team from East 15 filming the proceedings, and with lightning quick editing, they presented a documentary of the whole day for the assembled guests at the course dinner.

All in all a great end to a great course - and we are already planning next year's....

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