Friday 12 December 2014

Coaching Supervision Group

I was invited to a coaching supervision group today, with a view to joining it. I already have a coaching supervisor, of course, but this is something rather different: an opportunity to work with other very experienced coaches to share experiences, practice and learning.

The process we used today was very rich. One member presented a coaching problem she was currently experiencing. Another coached her about it, while the rest of us watched.

We then discussed, with a metaphorical glass screen in place, her issue and her approach to it, talking about her in the third person, while she listened and took notes.

We then discussed the coaching process we had observed, and what we thought had worked well, as well as what we might have done differently.

A very simple process, but because of the skills, knowledge and insights of all involved, a very rich one.

I will certainly be going again...

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