Saturday 9 February 2013

Time Management Reminders

On a recent event when we discussed time management, someone asked if I could suggest a few reminders they could email to each other to help stick to their good intentions.

The idea is that an ‘external conscience’ is often more powerful than our own internal commitments. 'I could email myself a reminder,’ as one person put it, ‘but I’d just hit delete.  But if it’s from a colleague...’

So here are some one-liners you might like to send (or receive) to remind you of good time management practices. They range from simple reminders to more thought-provoking questions.  You will notice that I like questions!  (Incidentally, I highly recommend 'The Interrogative Mood - A Novel?' by Padgett Powell - entirely in questions, and it works!)

Anyway, back to the Time Management reminders: 

How is your Perfect Week coming along?

How well are you resisting urgent trivia this week?

Have you planned this week well?

How many interruptions have you refused today?

How well are you conquering your email addiction

What did you learn about your time management when you reviewed last week?

Have you worked on something truly important today? (or this week?)

How are you getting on with important, non-urgent, activities?

How can you build on your successes so far?

How well are you rewarding yourself for sticking to your good resolutions?

... and so on...

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