Tuesday 12 February 2013

Heart Warming

It is always good to receive emails that say that an event left someone feeling 'both enthused and energised.'

It followed last week's Cardiff Futures workshop, which left me, too, feeling enthused and energised.  This module was on building and academic career and focused a lot on research.

As usual we had a series of invigorating conversations with a mix of high-level internal guests and an external speaker, Guy Orpen, the PVC for research at Bristol, as well as an opportunity to reflect on time management and the practicalities of applying for promotion.

We also heard from the participants how their projects are going, and how they plan to develop them further: this was done in a Dragons' Den format; so they presented and were then quizzed by a panel of senior colleagues, who decided which team to award further funding to.  I was impressed both by how much they have already achieved and by the scale of their ambition.

We are now just over half-way through Cardiff Futures, and it is apparent that the group has really gelled. I look forward to the remaining modules being equally enthusing and energising.

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