Friday 27 April 2012

An Exciting New Project

Today we are starting a new piece of work which I am really looking forward to.  I say we, as it involves a colleague, Laura Meagher, whom I really enjoy working with.  And I say exciting, because both the content and the context are fascinating.

The context is working with the SiDE project, (Social Inclusion through the Digital Economy) who are doing extraordinary multi-disciplinary work across two universities, looking at a range of important issues and coming up with extremely innovative solutions.  Just the other day, I heard one of the SiDE team on the Today programme talking about their SatNav ideas for elderly drivers, for example.

Our project is working with them to explore different ways of getting even more creativity out of the rich mix of people involved in the project, under the auspices of the EPSRC creativity@home project. We are starting today by meeting some of the key figures, and will continue to interview all the researchers on the programme over the next month or so, to build a joint understanding of what will be most valuable for them.

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