Friday 20 May 2011

Vagaries of Tendering

A couple of tender results in recently.  One client, with whom I have worked for many years, can no longer use me for some programmes they want to use me for, as their tendering process failed to differentiate on quality (loads and loads of people got 100 % on all quality measures) so they are having to use the cheapest.  They are nervous of this...

Another client had a more discriminating process, which did differentiate.  I got some of the programmes I bid for, but not all.  Some were good calls - the presentation skills workshops are being done by Simon Raybould of Aware Plus, who will do an excellent job for them.  Others went to people I don't know who may well be good too.  But what I did notice was that the of programmes I got, only one is really playing to my core strengths - the others I will do a decent job of, but are a bit tangential for me; but several I didn't get are much closer to my core skills and experience.

It's an odd process: not sure it works well for either buyer or seller...

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