Friday 15 October 2010

More on Walking Coaching

Back in August, I posted about Walking and Coaching and how well they work together.

Here is one client's feedback (he's a bit of an addict  - keeps coming back for more...)

'You must be mad to go up there on a day like this' said my wife as I packed my things for my 'Day in the Lakes' with Andrew. Well the gloomy forecast of gales and snow did not materialise and I had one of the most memorable personal development days in my professional life so far.
Having finally heaved my weary bones to the top of a snow-capped Blencathra, the views that we enjoyed that day down into the valleys below were breathtaking. Every morning when I come into the office, log onto my pc, the photograph from the peak of Blencathra as my screensaver reminds me of that experience and, as a relatively inexperienced hill walker, the exhilaration of having made it to the top and back. 
The opportunity to get away from the office, the phone and email and just have time to think (and chat) was such a privilege and one that I shall remember for years to come. Coupled with the chance to walk and talk with Andrew about my own 'journey' was an experience I shall never forget. Andrews local knowledge of the safe routes up and down Blencathra coupled with the perceptive, sensitive way in which we explored the issues that I had identified for discussion about my own 'journey' was an experience I shall never forget. 
Its too early to say whether this experience was life-changing, but it has had an effect in the short term. Like the view down the valley, the walk with Andrew helped to put things into perspective and work out where I am going and how best to get there.
What Andrew sells (so subtly) is hope - in my case hope that with some simple strategies I will be able to make more effective use of my time and be able to cope better with the day-to-day demands of my job, the things that I'm paid to do now, but somehow to create time to make real progress in the strategic things that will benefit me (and indirectly I hope my employer too) in the longer term
A grand day out - Andrew's relaxed and easy going manner made the whole experience so enjoyable.

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