Monday 18 October 2010

Great day on Narrative

I attended a day on Introduction to Narrative Practices at Newcastle University today, run by Liz Todd and Marilyn O'Neill.

It was fascinating and inspirational.  The overview, the anecdotes and examples from experience, the exercises, the video of narrative therapy in practice, all added up to a great learning experience.

Other participants and their perspectives were also a valuable part of the day, and Liz and Marilyn ensured that all had the opportunity to contribute.

They also managed to simplify what is presented in Michael White's work as quite a complex process to its essence, both in terms of practitioner's position and core processes: Unravelling problem-saturated narratives, re-authoring the preferred narrative, and maintaining the preferred narrative and building resilience.

I learned a lot, both from Liz and Marilyn and from my fellow participants who were almost all from the therapeutic world, rather than the organisational development world I inhabit.

So lots of food for thought - and action!

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