Monday 26 February 2018

Own blog vs Linked-In

Every week (or at least that's the plan) I post a blog post, both on my own site and also on Linked-In.  These are about whatever has piqued my interest that week - an eclectic approach that, I hope, reflects my style.

Without having done any serious analysis (Ain't nobody got time for that, as my daughters would assert), I have been mildly interested in some posts getting far more views on my blog than on Linked-In, whilst others are the reverse.  I should add, we are not talking huge numbers in any case: my most viewed post only got 705 hits, and that is far higher than the average.

This reflection was prompted by my last post, on Insights from Transactional Analysis, which got an average number of views on my own blog, but four times the average number on Linked-In.  I can't see that it has been widely shared, so can only assume there was something about it that caught peoples' eye.  And looking back, I think that on balance the posts that get lots of hits on Linked-In are ones that refer to known models or theories (Conversational IntelligenceMore Time to ThinkNon-Judgmental Coaching, The Dynamics of Confrontation, The Problem with Learning Styles), offering new perspectives or insights on something already vaguely familiar.

Whereas the posts that get more hits on my own blog are typically more individual (Strategic Five Marketing: A Scam?, Scotts Law, In Defence of MBTI (sort of), On the 50th Anniversary of the Abortion Act, and [the only one to get unusually high hits on both platforms] The Problem with Learning Styles).

So what do I conclude from this?  Is it that people who read my own blog are more likely to be interested in me personally, and therefore be interested in the more individual-sounding stuff?  Is it that people use Linked-In to look for new takes on familiar topics? Is it that I am seeing patterns that aren't really there - making up a story based on inadequate and selective viewing of low-grade information?

I don't know - but I thought it interesting; at least interesting enough to give me a subject for this week's post. And even as I write this, I am already recognising the flaws in my approach here, which are many. But I've written this now, so will put it out there anyway, rather than bin it and think of something new - ain't nobody got time for that...

And I will watch with interest to see how many hits this one gets - and on which platforms. 

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