Saturday 8 August 2015

Getting Connected

Superfast broadband has nearly reached us. That is to say, fibre optic cables have been laid to Askham, a mere mile away. We at Helton are slumming it on copper cable, still.  Nonetheless, friends in Helton report speeds of 19.1 thingumies (our technical expert writes) as opposed to the (maximum) 1.4 or whatever it is we get (and that's only when it's not raining).

So we are upgrading; but of course our ISP, Demon, with whom we have been for decades, doesn't support superfast, so we are having to change supplier.

Therefore, as of 17th August, the email addresses and will cease to operate. Instead we may be reached at (Andrew) AndrewScottTraining (or Jane) AndrewScottTraining2 (at) gmail (dot) com  (Other email addresses you may have for either of us should still work, except Jane's old Virgin address which was ended some time ago).

These addresses are live now, so please update your contact files and address books now, while you think about it.

I have, of course, undertaken a bulk email campaign to inform people. Doubtless some of you will have received nothing, and others several notifications (my sister Lizzie in the US complains that she has only received two, whereas our eldest sister Catherine has received five and counting. Favouritism in families is a terrible thing).

We are off on holiday for the week, so if you get no reply from any email address, that doesn't mean it isn't working, only that our holiday is!

Purveyors of junk email are requested to continue to use

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