Monday 26 January 2015

More video fun...

Back in December I made a brief video reminder for people who had attended my Time Management workshops.  I blogged about it here, including some ideas for how to do it better next time.

Well, next time has come around; in fact we now have two more in the can, as I believe the term is.  I only wish that I had read my ideas for how to do it better before making them.

Nonetheless, I remembered most of the things I wanted to do differently, and so, without further ado, here is the first of them, a short (under five minute) video, summarising the workshop I run on Emotionally Intelligent Leadership.

I will be interested, as ever, in any feedback.

I was hoping to upload the video directly from my laptop; and further hoped that might mean that it would be viewable on mobile phones and tablets as well as laptops and PCs. But Blogger decreed the file too big, so I had to do it via Youtube as before.  Here is the link.

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