Saturday 8 June 2013

Cardiff Futures Final Day

On Thursday, it was the last day of the first Cardiff Futures programme. The day was designed for reflection, planning and celebration, so there were no guest speakers, nor formal sessions.

Instead the VC opened the day by setting out the themes and purpose of the day, and we watched a video diary of the last 8 months compressed into 6 minutes.

Then it was over to the participants. They worked initially in small groups, then in plenary, and then in their project teams; reflecting, sharing, discussing and looking ahead. I don't want to say too much about the process, as we want future cohorts to approach it fresh...

From the feedback on the day, it seems people have found the whole programme a powerful and valuable process - and largely enjoyable, too.

We will, of course, be undertaking a longer term evaluation; but it is heartening to see that next year's programme is attracting a very high level of interest, from which I conclude that participants are saying good things about the programme behind the VC's back, as well as to his face!

From our point of view it has been good to see that the programme works even when extended beyond the Humanities, to include scientists and other such strange people... We always thought it would, but it is good to have that proved.

In the evening we were joined for a celebratory dinner by many of our guest speakers over the year, as well as by sponsoring managers, and had a very convivial evening, particularly giving them an insight into the projects.

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