Wednesday 6 March 2013

BeSiDE themselves

I have just spent a couple of very interesting days with the BeSiDE project team in Dundee.  They are a part of the SiDE project, and are undertaking some fascinating research into Care Homes.  In particular, they are hoping to use both technological (quantitative) and interview based (qualitative) data to understand how Care Homes are used, what works well and what less so, in order to develop recommendations for Architects on the key design considerations.

This meeting was really an opportunity to look more broadly and creatively at the possibilities of the project, so we did a lot of things like mind mapping, picture-metaphors, force field analysis, criteria generation and evaluation, and so on.

The team is multi-disciplinary and multi-site, so as well as thinking about the content, methodologies and potential impact of the research, we also considered how to ensure they are working well together as a team.

The project has plenty of challenges, but also lots of possibilities, and very clear and significant potential impact on the quality of life of people who are sometimes out of sight and out of mind.  I am sure the team will deliver something of real and lasting value, as well as developing methodologies that will be applicable in a range of analogous settings.

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