Friday 16 November 2012

Force Field Analysis

This is by way of an experiment.  I have long used Lewin's Force Field Analysis (which he suggests as a change management tool) as a tool for generating creative ideas.

Here I have put together a brief (c4') video explaining how to use it in that context.

I will be very interested in any feedback.


  1. Very good, clear explanation of Lewin's "Force field" idea. Just a technical note, some of the cuts between Andrew, the white-board and back are too quick.

  2. In summery force field analysis comes under strategic management. Force field analysis is only one such tool. It is simple yet very effective and was proposed by Kurt Lewin primarily for social science. The principle, however, finds application in various fields summed up below,

    Organizational development
    Change management
    Decision Making
    Psychology (individual, Social, community)
    Process management
    Social science
    It is typically done by calculating forces working for and against you.

    Also find these force field analysis examples to learn further more.