Wednesday 15 December 2010

Re-writing the story

The awayday yesterday went even better than I expected: the participants recognised some very fundamental issues that they need to address in terms of the purpose and effectiveness of their combined contribution to their organisation.

Prior to the day, there was a lot of frustration in all of the teams represented.  The distributed ones felt that the central team was imposing processes on them which were onerous and  frustrated those working at the front line; the central team felt overworked and under-appreciated, having to police a system to which they did not fully subscribe.

 A lot of the implicit blaming of each other drained away as they recognised their shared frustrations - and shared aspirations.  In dialogue, they have decided on a strategic shift to move away from fire-fighting to value-adding. They are also determined to renew their relationships with the rest of the organisation and re-write the story of their place and contribution within the organisation.

Recognising this will require more work, initially, in order to get the big benefits they are aiming for, there was nevertheless a real sense of energy and commitment to take the agenda forward.  And I am confident they will.

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