Wednesday 19 May 2010

Hey Jude! - An inspirational head

Yesterday's Essex Futures day on Teaching and Learning was fascinating.  It was hosted by the Sir Charles Lucas School, and its inspirational head, Jude Hanner, who has turned a challenging school round successfully and told us how she had done so.  I am always humbled when I meet head teachers like Jude: the dedication, courage and sheer tenacity required to do what she has done are exceptional.

We also heard from the PVC for T&L, Andy Downton, who set the context - and some interesting challenges for the participants, and from Maria Fasli, a National Teaching Fellow and Head of School at the University, who shared some innovative approaches to getting learning internalised.

As usual, the other stars were the participants themselves, who came up with some great ideas for the T&L agenda, as well as bringing us up to speed with some excellent projects they have been undertaking as part of the programme, which are now coming to fruition, and their own personal journeys in the ActionLearning sets.

All in all, an extremely positive and enjoyable day: I am so lucky in the work I am asked to do, and in particular in the people with whom I work!

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